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Why don’t more bars serve beer in pitchers?

How do you pick a song for karaoke?

What does the word “home” mean to you?

Those questions range from silly to serious, but if you’ve ever pondered the answers to all three in a single day, you’re not alone.

Pour yourself a cup of coffee, crack a 40, or anything in between, and join the gang here at It’s Pretty OK as we attempt to answer these questions and many more. We promise it won’t be boring.

Ep. 166: Dollar Dollar Bills, Y'all


This week, Kevin and the gang are in Richmond discussing the cashless revolution. Why is it happening? Are there other financial priorities that we should be dealing with first? Who’s impacted most by it? And is Philadelphia right to try to put a stop to it?


“The Woodpile” - Frightened Rabbit


Philadelphia Is First U.S. City to Ban Cashless Stores (Wall Street Journal - paywall)

I'm an American living in Sweden. Here's why I came to embrace the higher taxes. (Vox)

A Celebration Of The Songs Of Scott Hutchison Live at Rough Trade NYC (Soundcloud)