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Why don’t more bars serve beer in pitchers?

How do you pick a song for karaoke?

What does the word “home” mean to you?

Those questions range from silly to serious, but if you’ve ever pondered the answers to all three in a single day, you’re not alone.

Pour yourself a cup of coffee, crack a 40, or anything in between, and join the gang here at It’s Pretty OK as we attempt to answer these questions and many more. We promise it won’t be boring.

Ep. 133: Dinner and a MoviePass


Oh snap, Max is back! He joins Pierce and Sean for a discussion of MoviePass, which certainly appeared to be failing last week (NOTE: Since we recorded this, MoviePass announced changes to the service which would limit users to three movies per month in exchange for keeping the price at $9.95 per month and removing certain restrictions on what movies/showtimes are eligible). How has it changed moviegoing in 2018? And what will we do if it goes away?


"Heat Wave" - Snail Mail