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Why don’t more bars serve beer in pitchers?

How do you pick a song for karaoke?

What does the word “home” mean to you?

Those questions range from silly to serious, but if you’ve ever pondered the answers to all three in a single day, you’re not alone.

Pour yourself a cup of coffee, crack a 40, or anything in between, and join the gang here at It’s Pretty OK as we attempt to answer these questions and many more. We promise it won’t be boring.

Ep. 116: Lemon Pepper Wet?!

This week, Pierce and Sean are talking about Atlanta. The most creative and original show on television somehow managed to keep topping itself with its last two incredible episodes: one full of cringeworthy hijinks, one heavy with horror and dread. They talk about why they love the show so much and why it's so hard to compare it to any other show on TV. As always, Pierce apologizes. And Sean closes out the show with some words about local radio—specifically, the WTJU Rock Marathon.


"Mistaken for Strangers" - The National


Donald Glover Can't Save You (The New Yorker)

Cardi B's Money Moves (GQ)

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