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A Pretty OK Song: "100 Miles" - Hare Squead

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The first time I heard Hare Squead's "100 Miles" in my headphones, I did a double take. I had never heard of the group, but I couldn't shake the feeling that the sound was so familiar.

A few quick Google searches later, I learned that the duo from Dublin had featured on the Goldlink track "Herside Story." It clicked immediately. I had obsessed over "Herside Story" when it first came out, and it's still a staple of my playlists today.

But I'm not here to talk about Goldlink, at least not today, so let's dive into "100 Miles."

Lilo Blues delivers the opening hook over hand percussion and lightly strummed guitars that give the chorus an easygoing tropical vibe. In the verses, that gives way to G-funk basslines and electronic beats, but the feeling of pure summer never leaves the song.

Lyrics-wise, Blues and Tony Konstone are longing for the affection [Editor's note: and probably a few other things] of a beautiful woman, which is another perfect summer activity. I particularly love that other than a few lines, I can follow along with the lyrics. One of the major critiques of singsong-y "mumble" rap is that it's impossible to understand. Hare Squead gets a round of applause from me just for defying that convention.

"Herside Story" follows a similar blueprint to the verses of "100 Miles," with a laid-back vibe that gets tweaked by the inclusion of a backing choir. I love seeing young musicians mix and match from different genres to make new, innovative music, so check out Hare Squead if you get the chance. They're back now after a hiatus, so hopefully there's new music on the horizon soon.

Until next week.

-Ian Wood