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A Pretty OK Song: "Get Some (feat. Kamille)" - Ghosted


Now that I've settled into my "new" (aka old) routine back home, I've started to pick up old habits again. It's even extended to music—as I mentioned in my last post, I had to force myself to catch up on the latest "new" releases by artists like Lorde and Frank Ocean, but I think I've turned a bit of a corner with this week's track.

My girlfriend couldn't get the beat to Ghosted's "Get Some" out of her head, which naturally meant that I was listening to it all the time too, so now I'm here to tell you about it.

As with most of the early editions of this column, I was struggling to find any real information about Ghosted (or the featured artist, Kamille) online besides that they are based in the UK. But when Kelsey first showed me the song, I was kind of taken aback. Had she even listened to the lyrics?, I thought. They're so crude! "Get Some" is not exactly a song that beats around the bush or obscures its subject matter; it's about exactly what you think it's about. I would also highly recommend the music video, which is wildly entertaining. At the center of the song is a dejected person looking for love. Well, maybe "love" is a better way to put it—this person is definitely not looking for romance.

The lyrics are kind of just so-so (seriously, watch the video, it gives the song a plot full of mystery and intrigue), and could ultimately be about anything, but I love the sound. The rhythm and arrangement make up for the lyrical shortcomings.

From the get-go, the rhythm works its magic on the listener. It starts simple, with nothing but finger snaps underneath a layered vocal track for about 30 seconds. Then a synth line starts to enter the mix, building up as the song swells until the drop, about a minute in. All the instrumentation drops out for a second, and a short effected vocal line alerts you that a musical explosion is coming. After that, the structure repeats itself three more times, and then the song ends.

The sound and feel of the drop remind me of Louis the Child in a way that's really satisfying. If you can work past the lyrics, there's a really infectious track underneath. If you want another song like that, then "Sexual" by NEIKED is a good choice. The lyrics are definitely crude and in your fact, but there's a really catchy tune hiding right behind them.

Until next week.

-Ian Wood