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The Linkstravaganza: Holiday Special Edition

It's Christmas Eve. Hopefully that means you're enjoying a relaxing day, doing a whole lot of nothing. But even if you're frantically preparing to host people for a Christmas Day gathering, take a break while the oven preheats and enjoy a veritable boatload of great content from around the web:

Chance the Rapper. Hannibal Buress. Live microphones. Go listen to this right now.

Derek Thompson of The Atlantic dives into consumer psychology to unlock the power of the acronym MAYA. This is, at minimum, one of the five most interesting things I've read all year.

Vulture's Jackson McHenry takes a quick look at the off-the-charts growth in the number of TV shows airing. While you're on Vulture, check out what a panel of 93 actors, directors, comedians, etc., named as their favorite entertainment of the year.

Speaking of TV, Uproxx's Brian Grubb reminds us that FX's Fargo has an amazing knack for giving its characters incredible names.

The Ringer's Alyssa Bereznak on the state of internet slang in 2016: "Black Twitter invents a word and it’s repeated with joy by the masses until Taco Bell joins in and signals it’s time to move on." It's lit, y'all—or something like that.

Meanwhile, Claire McNear examines the ways that President Obama could "break bad" if he decided to devote the rest of his presidency to making life preemptively difficult for that other guy who starts the job in January.

We've talked about wrestling on the pod before, but focused on the on-camera product. Ian Frisch of Vice Sports goes on a fascinating journey through the business side of WWE, detailing the power struggles and behind-the-scenes drama that have persisted throughout the company's history.

OZY has a piece on the ascendancy of a new hairstyle in the NBA.

And last but not least, it's easy to get outraged at the proposed AT&T/Time Warner merger. But Jonathan Taplin of The New York Times reminds us that we've let two other companies foster monopolies far too easily: Google and Facebook.

Enjoy the holidays!

-Sean McGoey

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